Rota Notes include Key to Officiants
The Clarendon Team Ministry 
1. Services AC Anthea Cochrane
Worship Rota 2. Officiants AK Alec Knight
3. Readings for the main Sunday service (Shaded to be left out if only 2 readings rather than 3) AT Ann Tompson
4. Readings for a 2nd service of the day (Non Ech) BH Beth Hutton
To look at the rota for the next three  5. Liturgical Colour BT Bill Thompson
months - click on the tabs below This rota is for the use of Church members needing to organise local church rota's- it is not designed for general worldwide use. CB Cynthia Buttimer
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DM Debbie McIsaac
This site will be regularly updated - including changes of Officiants GoM Gordon Mitchell
Around the 15th of the month an additional month's rota will be added enabling rota organisers to plan ahead. JB Judith Bersweden
Printing off the Rota - it is possible to print off the rota- if you have difficulties contact me.It is best to download the Excel file and print that provided you have MS Excel software. JD Jane Dunlop
JDa Jeremy Davies
MFB  Michael Barratt
If you need clarification please e-mail: NB Nils Bersweden RS Roger Sharpe
To go to the Team Website click SWR Sarah Wood-Roe
Lay Worship Leaders (LWLs)  
  14th October 2017 ZC Zoe Clewer
for individual church rota duties see -  AnL Andy Larkham
  AsL Alison Larkham To see the Monthly Rota click on one of the tabs below. You may have to scroll down! MK Mandy Kerley
  SB Sara Bossom
Visiting President and preachers
JP Jonathan Plows