The Services in the Rota described
Early Eucharist Common Worship Order One Eucharist in Traditional language
BCP Eucharist Book of Common Prayer Eucharist (Common Worship Order Two Traditional language)
Parish Eucharist Common Worship Order One Eucharist in Contemporary language - usually with hymns and music
Baptism Eucharist Baptism at the Eucharist
Healing Eucharist A Parish Eucharist with Healing Ministry at the altar rail immediately preceding receiving communion
Morning Prayer Common Worship version of Sung Mattins with hymns (contemporary language)
Morning Worship A little more relaxed version of Morning Prayer
Morning Praise A more relaxed form for praising God  (ALDERBURY - The emphasis is on Praise and Teaching possibly with e.g. a longer sermon, sermon in 2 parts, time for reflection, a response to the teaching, interview with someone relating to theme)
Evening Prayer Common Worship version of Sung Evensong with hymns (contemporary language)
BCP Evensong BCP Evensong with Hymns (or Sung BCP Evensong with choir)
All Age / Family Service A non eucharistic service for all the family
All Age Eucharist A child friendly Eucharist for all ages - we encourage the children to come
Team Eucharist The team gathers to celebrate the Eucharist together - it may be like the Parish Eucharist or a more experimental service - often an All Age Eucharist
Team Praise